How To Improve Your Portfolio With Artificial Intelligence

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For years, the biggest Wall Street firms have been using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make smarter investment decisions. Now, thanks to Tickeron, retail investors are gaining access to A.I. too.

Tickeron PhDs have developed A.I. capable of performing sophisticated analysis, in mere seconds, of your asset allocation, investment objectives, risk tolerance, years until withdrawal, available investment options, and other factors.

The result of the A.I.’s review is presented as a single number - a Diversification Score® (DivScore®) that indicates how well your portfolio is diversified. DivScore® is calibrated similarly to your Credit Score - from 400 to 850. A high DivScore® may indicate that your asset allocation accurately reflects your financial situation and investment objectives, while a low DivScore® means you may want to consider adjusting your portfolio.

Once the review is completed, Tickeron’s A.I. can help you adjust your portfolio with our Asset Allocator tool, to maximize your DivScore®. You can also subscribe for DivScore® Alerts so you’ll know when your score changes. The best part? All of these services are free of charge.

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